Software Download

  • SPADE (Species Prediction And Diversity Estimation) updated version and User’s Guide are available online by Registration!! (Latest updated 2012/Oct 23)
  • SpadeR Species Prediction And Diversity Estimation in R.
  • iNEXT online (iNterpolation and EXTrapolation online version) (Latest updated 2013/Mar 04)
  • iNEXT R package the program iNEXT (iNterpolation and EXTrapolation) is an updated R package from the original version supplied in Appendix of Chao et al. (2014). iNEXT-manual, iNEXTGraphics
  • iNextPD  is a R source code to compute the rarefaction and extrapolation of phylogenetic diversity (PD) in the paper by Chao et al. (2014).
  • Jade is a R source code to compute the Joint species-rank Abundance Distribution/Estimation in the paper by Chao et al. (2014).
  • PhD (Phylogenetic Diversity) and User’s Guide are available online by Registration!! (Last updated 2012/Nov 05)
  • CARE(CApture-REcapture)includes four programs CARE-1, CARE-2, CARE-3 and CARE-4
  • CLAM (Classification method) updated version and User’s Guide are now available by Registration!! (Latest updated 2011/April 05)