CARECApture-REcaptureincludes four programs:

  • CARE-1 :The CARE1  R package is available on CRAN and can be downloadedwith a standard R package installation procedure using the following commands.                                                                                                    install.package(“CARE1”)   (User Guide)

   Old version: It is an S-PLUS program for analyzing epidemiological data for S-PLUSversion 2000, version 4.5,   or earlier versions. You must have S-PLUS environment to run this program.

          (download CARE-1 (for S-PLUS 4.5 and previous version), CARE-1 (for S-PLUS 6.0) and User Guide) 


  • CARE-2 : It is developed for calculating various estimates under DISCRETE-time capture-recapture models with/without covariates. The program for analysis without covariates is written in C language and program for analysis with covariates is written in GAUSS. (You do not need to purchase GAUSS to run this program. See the User’s Guide)

          (download CARE-2 and User Guide)

  • CARE-3 : A GAUSS program for calculating various estimates under CONTINUOUS-time capture-recapture models.

          (download CARE-3 and User Guide)

  • CARE-4 : It is developed for estimating population size under Markov chain models with/without covariates for capture-recapture experiments based on GAUSS.

          (download CARE-4 and User Guide)