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          This package includes all R functions in iNEXT Online.

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  1. Mallard
    2017-04-05 | 18:15:39

    iNEXT online is very interesting, linked to all the papers, the good job of “Chao” ‘s team… I wait iNEXTPD on line!
    … retired, I am impatient to read “Using Good-Turing theory to estimate species richness using only unique observations and a species list”

    Thanks in advance

  2. Regina
    2017-06-19 | 14:56:43


    This is my first time using the iNEXT tool and I am not too familiar with it. I have got an error that reads: NA in probability vector. May I know what is this about and how to I troubleshoot it?

    I have zero and decimal values (I took an average across my sampling sites)values in my data, will these contribute to this error?

    Really appreciate your help.


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